Mokgethwa Machaka: Shoot your Shot

It feels like it was just yesterday when we were joking about walking to the Loeries this year, as opposed to the usual practice of having a room with an ocean view. Now, we might not even go to the award ceremony at all. Covid-19 was doing its world tour in the first world countries and we were hoping, just like the Beyoncé world tour, it would skip Africa. Nope, it didn’t. Here we are now, with our masks. We are all Braamfontein ‘Skrr Skrr’s’ now, barely able to recognize each other at the supermarket, let alone hug each other. A lot has changed, a lot will continue to change.

We are all aware of the impending absolute change to the way we do things, in the meanwhile agencies told everyone to clear their desks and go work from home, equipped those without internet at home with dongles, accompanied by a strict rule to use only for work purposes, LOL! It all seemed well put together, we’ll all install Teams, Zoom and ignore general hours. So, brace yourselves for those 19:30 reviews!

It’s still early to say that this will be the definite way of working henceforth. What’s good, is that we are discovering what works and what doesn’t. Not just for the work itself, but for individuals. So far, we’ve discovered that it will take more than an essential run to the supermarket to step out of work mode. How do we balance work and life when covi-covi has made them inseparable?

This pandemic has made a lot of things obsolete, or at least some branches. The activation space has been put on hold indefinitely, however, I still fear one client suggesting we ideate a way to activate in pharmacies and hospitals. The truth is, we all don’t know how things are going to be from here, but with that comes great opportunity. New ways to brainstorm, new ways to present, new ways to say ‘can you guys hear me?’ in a Zoom meeting.

One opportunity that is more evident than others, is that we can now work for any agency in the world, if they’re hiring of course. What would be Droga5’s excuse to not hire you now? You don’t even have to worry about relocating and setting up a bed from IKEA when you get there. We are all working from home, we’ll come up with something for the time difference. So, in the meantime while we’re still trying to find our footing in this ‘new’ world, shoot your shot. That’s the new way of working - shooting our shots.

That idea that you believed in and it was deemed impractical for the brief at hand, refine it, maybe it belongs in this pandemic. Maybe your client will now understand the need for TikTok presence, shoot your shot.

We went into this pandemic with budget cuts already in place, clients now want even a quarter of their cent to work for them. Let that not instill any fear in us, we’ve been rejected even when there was budget, now we just get to our beds quicker than before to cry away the rejection (that’s meant to be comforting in some way, make it work).

This is my stop and let me leave you with this: keep washing your hands, clean hands shoot better shots.