Grace McMahon-Van Eck sheds a different light on life beyond the curve

We started Cult, a female-founded Creative Consultancy, to create work that takes up space and champions women. After weeks of lockdown, we decided to chat with a few groups of women across the country. What became clear is that priorities, behaviours, and lifestyles are rapidly shifting and, this offers a glimpse into what life will look like beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Single women are searching for human connection beyond their four walls. Tinder is being used for conversation instead of meet-ups. "I’ve been chatting to this guy in Ghana using Tinder Passport. I know we’ll never meet, but it’s just nice to speak to someone”, says a Cult Conversations member.

Women are focusing on skincare rather than make-up, this is further substantiated in a recent McKinsey report.

Shopping behaviour and relationship dynamics are changing as many households adjust to living off one salary. “If someone had told me a year ago I’d be claiming UIF I wouldn’t have believed them.”, an all too common sentiment.

Then there are bras. Insta might be flooded with rebellious bra quotes, but we found that bras and productivity are becoming linked, and many women are putting them on when they need to get something done.

Things are going to keep changing, but we can be a part of it. We can find meaningful ways for brands to contribute, we can help address social needs, and we can help to build a new, more supportive society if we keep talking to the people who live in it.