The Loeries opens 2018 entries with bold new look

Iconic brand refreshes for 40th anniversary

The 2018 season opens with a bold new look to celebrate 40 years of rewarding creativity.

The iconic new logo that makes the distinctive Loerie the centrepiece, combined with a striking brand identity, was designed by 2017 Loeries Grand Prix winner, Grid Worldwide.

The entry deadline for all work across Africa and the Middle East is 15 May, and all work must flight before 31 May.

Andrew Human, CEO of the Loeries says that he is expecting more than 3 000 entries this year, with at least 20% of those coming from outside of South Africa.

“The Loeries is the benchmark of the best work being produced in our region,” he says.

“We began in 1978 to promote a brand new medium in South Africa: Television! Forty years later, the Loeries has evolved into the most recognised mark of excellence in the advertising and brand communication industry across Africa and the Middle East – covering 70 countries and over 2,000 languages!”

“Today we look at every point where a brand interacts with people – traditional categories like film, print and radio but also areas like digital, design, music videos, architecture, live events, PR, shared value, and service design.