Win a Loerie and secure your place in Creative Heaven

Where does good creative work go? Does it go into an annual? On the Ads of the World site? Or does it become a trophy on a shelf? No. All good creative goes to heaven, Creative Heaven. This year, being the Loeries 40th anniversary, we want to honour all the top award-winning work that has secured its place through those pearly white gates. In doing so, we have created a campaign that features the characters of past, highly awarded ads, enjoying their afterlife in Creative Heaven.

Our campaign line, Eternal Greatness Awaits, is meant to inspire others to enter, in hopes that their work too, shall earn its place in Creative Heaven, and live on forever alongside these other iconic pieces of work.

The campaign was conceptualised by Grid Worldwide and produced by Spitfire Films.

Watch our 3 part series celebrating eternal Loeries Creative Heaven and encouraging entries to achieve eternal greatness.

Part 1:
Nando's 'The Last Dictator Standing' Loeries Grand Prix 2012
The Zimbabwean 'Trillion Dollar Campaign' Loeries Gold 2009

Part 2:
Opel Corsa 'Raj & Raj' Loeries Gold 2003

Part 3:
BMW 'Mouse' Loeries Gold 1992
Chicken Licken 'Limp Afro' Loeries Gold 2004
Snickers 'Don't Stop' Loeries Grand Prix 2007