The Hero Issue of Migrate is launching November 2017 - book your space now!

Are you the Coffee Machine Hero who can whip up an awesome cappuccino, the Tyre-Changing Hero, or the Soccer Mom Hero who can transport six kids from four households without breaking a sweat? Are you Wonder Woman, packing a shield and sword, or the Joker, the ultimate anti-hero with a crooked smile?

Heroes are part of our society, since tree-hugging Noah saved all the animals, and Queen Cleopatra brought Caesar to his knees. In this issue of Migrate, we will honour all our heroes – who walked the old lady across the road, who know all the apple-key commands, who can conference-call while feeding a family of five, and even those who secretly wear a cape at night and fly through the skies stopping evil-doers in their tracks.

Be brave and book an advert because it’s time to be a brand hero! 

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Direct targeted exposure to the entire design and advertising community in South Africa, production companies and top international creatives. A chance to position your brand between top creative contributors. Migrate is a collectible so your advert lives on for many years as the readers refer constantly to the magazine as a source of inspiration and creativity.


Migrate is distributed to all South Africa’s major advertising and design agencies. The print order is 4000 per edition which is published annually. Migrate readers are primarily design and advertising professionals, design students, producers, art buyers, marketers, architects and brand consultants.Each issue has a unique theme from which contributors and advertisers take their cue. Migrate never takes itself too seriously and the theme is always interpreted in a myriad of ways. The content is engaging and informative, creatively inspiring and sometimes funny.