Entry Rules


  1. Final Entry Deadline:
    Entries completed (entry form, payment and all material received) after 15 May 17h00 SAST will be charged 10% late fee.
  2. Loeries Creative Week Durban: Monday 14 to Monday 21 August 2017. Delegates days are from Thurs - Mon. More


  1. The Loeries are open to all areas of Brand Communication – including but not limited to advertising, PR, design, Architecture & interior Design, Live Events & Activations, Sponsorships, Digital Media, Social Media, Music Videos – and any area where a brand interacts with consumers.
  2. Anyone involved in the creation, publishing or production of the work may submit an entry (including directly from the brand, agency or production company).
  3. The ELIGIBLE REGION includes the following countries from Africa & the Middle East:
    1. Africa: All countries on the continent of Africa.
    2. Middle-East: All Middle Eastern states - Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, UAE, Yemen.
    3. Madagascar
    4. Island states off the African coast (e.g. Mauritius and the Seychelles)
  4. If multiple companies have worked on a project, they must agree in advance who will submit the entry and they must agree on how the credits will be completed. If an entry is received from more than one company, only the first entry will be accepted. No refunds will be given on duplicate entries.
  5. All student work, created and submitted to a registered educational institution from the Eligible Region, may be entered. Where possible, student work should be submitted by the School/ College/ University, rather than directly by the individual student.

Entries that meet any one of the following 4 options will be accepted:

  1. CREATED FOR THE REGION: Work that has been created specifically for and to run in Africa or the Middle East (see Eligible Region), irrespective of where the work was originated or produced.
    EXAMPLE 1: A New York agency creates a campaign for a USA brand, specifically to flight in Africa.
    EXAMPLE 2: A Dubai agency creates a campaign to run in Dubai, for a global brand.
    NOTE: A Global campaign that happens to flight in the region is NOT eligible.
  2. CREATED BY THE REGION: Work that has been created to run globally, or in any market in the world, as long as the work was conceptualized/originated by companies based in Africa or the Middle East (the Eligible Region).
    EXAMPLE: A Johannesburg agency creates a campaign for a German brand, to run in Germany – even if the production is done by a German production company.
  3. All work eligible for 1 & 2 above can be entered in any Craft categories.
    EXAMPLE: A Johannesburg agency creates a campaign for a German brand using a Germany production company. This can be entered for any Crafts irrespective of where the Craftsperson or production company is based.
  4. CRAFTS: Work that is produced by a production company from the region for a global company, to run outside the region, can be entered for the relevant Craft categories, BUT this may not be entered in the main categories.
    EXAMPLE: A Film Production Company from Dubai produces a commercial for a British agency to flight in Europe. This may be entered for all the relevant film crafts that the production company was responsible for (e.g. Direction, Cinematography, etc.).

All Entries must meet one of the following timelines:

  1. Entries must be commercially published, launched or aired to a substantial audience for the first time between 1 June 2016 and 31 May 2017.
  2. In the case of ARCHITECTURAL AND INTERIOR DESIGN projects, SHARED VALUE and the SERVICE DESIGN category, the launch date is not critical. Architectural and Interior Design work includes new additions to an existing structure or brand, e.g. a new store, restaurant, or upgrade.
  3. Previous entries and winners in the Shared Value and Service Design ccategories can be re-entered every year.
  4. For the EFFECTIVE CREATIVITY AWARD all previous Loerie-winning work from 2015 & 2016 is eligible.
  5. In the case of campaigns that straddle the eligibility period, e.g. if two pieces of a campaign were published prior to 1 June 2016, and three pieces after that, then the full campaign (all five pieces) is eligible for entry this year. If you have previously entered two of the pieces into last year's awards, you can enter all three pieces into the integrated campaign ths year.
  6. Student work created during 2016 and up to 31 May 2017, may be entered.
  7. Absolutely no work that has not yet been published, launched or aired will be accepted - and the onus is on the agency to ensure that all work entered meets these rules.



To make entering the Loeries easier in 2017, all category and associated rules are based on the following category types.

The principle behind this rule that a piece of work can only be entered into one main category is that the Loeries will award an idea only once. Therefore, the same creative execution cannot be awarded in Magazine and Poster and Newspaper. Even if you did run the same execution across all these mediums, you must choose only one category to enter it into.

HOWEVER – you can combine several individual pieces that you have already entered into Type A categories, into a campaign entry (Type B). Work may also be re-entered for any eligible craft categories (Type C) as well as Multi-Entry (Type D) categories.


Single Entry 


A piece of work can only be entered in one Type A category. Individual media elements from a campaign may be entered in their relevant Type A categories.
: A Newspaper Ad can be entered in the Newspaper category but may not be re-entered as a Poster if it’s essentially the same entry. In comparison, 3x Newspaper Ads for a campaign can each be entered in the Newspaper category as individual entries.
Note: All Type A entries are single elements.
For example, three posters from a campaign must each be entered individually, not several as one entry. If in the opinion of the jury, several pieces constitute a campaign, then these entries will be combined into one campaign award.  


Campaign Entry


Multiple Type A entries for the same campaign can be combined to make up one Type B Campaign entry.
: A Poster entry, Website entry and a Live Event entry can be combined into an Integrated Campaign entry.




Entries from Type A and Type B can be re-entered in all the relevant Craft categories.
: A Poster entry may be entered for all the relevant Print Craft entries: Art Direction, Writing, Photography, Illustration, Typography.

Note: All Type C entries are single elements.
For example, three posters from a campaign must each be entered individually, not several as one entry. If in the opinion of the jury, several pieces constitute a campaign, then these entries will be combined into one campaign award. 




Entries from all other main categories – Type A & Type C – can be re-entered here. Example: A print execution entered in Tactical use of Newspaper can be re-entered in the Media Innovation category.


Previous Winner


Entries in the Effective Creativity Category must have previously won a Loerie award in the past two years – 2015 & 2016.



  1. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Grand Prix may be awarded in the main categories – Type A & B.
  2. Craft Certificates, Craft Gold and Grand Prix may be awarded for the Craft categories – Type C.
  3. Agency in-house/self-promotional work will be awarded no higher than a Silver Loerie.
    NOTE: This only relates to agency self-promotional work. A brand may enter its own in-house work and this is NOT considered self-promotion (e.g. a car company may enter its own marketing programme).
    EXAMPLE: A design agency designing its own logo is considered self-promotion.
  4. The Grand Prix cannot be won by any Public Service or Charities entries, or self-promotional work.
    Public Service, Charity or self-promotional work can be entered in all categories but must be marked as such on the entry forms. The Loeries define Public Service and Charities as work that is carried out for any charitable, NPO, welfare or public service organisation, e.g. SPCA, Arrive Alive, religions, etc. Political parties are NOT considered public service or charitable organisations.
  5. No work created for the Loeries can be entered.
  6. The Loeries may contact the agency, brand, or anyone associated with the entry, during entry processing or during judging, should any questions arise related to the entry.
  7. The Loeries will endeavour to move entries to more appropriate categories during entry processing and prior to judging. However it remains the responsibility of the entrant to submit their entry into the correct category and the Loeries will not be held responsible for entries submitted incorrectly. Entrants will be informed of any proposed changes to their entries. During judging the Jury are not allowed to move entries between categories.
  8. Click here for an overview of the judging process. All entries are subject to the full Terms & Conditions of the Loeries. Click here to view.


  1. Please ensure that all your credits on the entry form are 100% correct.
  2. These credits will be used on the awards evening exactly as you have entered them.
  3. Credits will be used to calculate the Official Rankings. Points are divided amongst shared credits. EXAMPLE: If three Writers share the credits then they will each get one third of the points. If in doubt when entering your credits, read the Official Rankings to understand how they are calculated.
  4. After the awards ceremonies, a specified period will be provided for entrants to check and amend credits before the Official Rankings are published. Once published, no more changes to the credits will be accepted.


  1. All requests to withdraw an entry must be made in writing.
  2. Requests made prior to the Entry Deadline may be replaced with another entry.
  3. Entries cancelled after the Entry Deadline may not be replaced.
  4. No Refunds on Entries: Under no circumstances will refunds of any fees or costs relating to Entries or entry into the Awards be issued to Entrants. The fees paid for Entries are intended to cover the costs of administration, processing and judging the Entries and Awards.
  5. Any Entries disqualified by the Loeries will not be refunded. This includes duplicate entries and Entries that do not follow the specified rules.


  1. All Entries must be approved by the relevant client for whom they were produced and all necessary permissions must be obtained.
  2. In particular, the client for whom the work was created must consent to entry of the relevant work into the Awards and for it to be used in accordance with the full terms and conditions of entry.
  3. An Entry may not be entered if the work is subject to any agreements with third parties and/or other licenses and the necessary consents have not been obtained.


  1. Property of Entries: All documents, storage media and other material that accompany or forms part of an Entry or are submitted with it will become the sole property of the Loeries (the Company). The Loeries will not return any items entered and will not be responsible for any loss or destruction of or damage thereto of whatever nature.  The Loeries shall be entitled to dispose off, destroy, store or exhibit all documents, storage media and other material forming part of or accompanying an Entry.
  2. Licence: By submitting an Entry into the Awards, the Entrant grants the Company an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty free, non-exclusive , sub-licensable, unconditional and transferable licence throughout the world to publish , reproduce, copy, transmit, broadcast, publicly perform, display, exhibit and/or otherwise use or reuse the Entry and the Entrant’s name, image, likeness, background and biographical material in any and all media, including, without limitation, any publication, advertisement, marketing or promotional material, print, digital or electronic media, the internet, any broadcast channel on the internet, audio and audio visual media and television or radio station in any manner for purposes of promoting Company and the Awards, by any means by the Company. The Entrant also grants permission to the Company to show, copy or play the Entry at such times as the Company deems appropriate. The Company shall be entitled to make available for educational and reference purposes, including electronic publishing, any Entries. If any television or radio station agrees to telecast a news or other program related to Awards or the Company, the Entrant agrees to obtain any permissions and to bear and pay for all talent or any other applicable charges incurred by inclusion of the Entry in the program, if required. The Entrant waives and shall procure the waiver of all moral rights vesting in or relating to the Entry. The Entrant waives and indemnifies the Company from any and all claims that may arise based on moral rights or unfair competition relating to the Company’s use of the Entry.
  3. Warranties: By submitting an Entry the Entrant warrants that it is entitled to grant the licence referred to above and that it has obtained all necessary permissions, usage rights and waivers of moral rights from all third parties who contributed to or commissioned the Entry or were otherwise involved in the entry or the production thereof, including without limitation the advertiser whose goods or services the Entry promotes, producers, directors, photographers, illustrators and performers, together with the owners of any trade or service marks or any other intellectual property, whether registered or not, which are included in or form part of the Entry. The Entrant also warrants that the credits and information in the Entry are true and correct and that publication and use of those credits and information will not infringe any moral or other rights of the Entrant or any third party.
  4. Indemnity and Liability: The Entrant hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the Company, its sponsors and all entities and persons associated with the Awards against any liability, claims, damages, costs (including legal fees and court costs expenses or penalties arising from or relating to any breach or alleged breach of the abovementioned representations and warranties by the Entrant or use of the Entry by the Company. The Entrant agrees that Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, cost or expense arising from acts or omissions of Entrant, including but not limited to the payment of any money owed to interested third parties, and the Entrant hereby indemnifies the Company against all such losses, damage, injuries, costs and expenses.

    The Company, the sponsors of the Awards and all entities and persons related to the Awards and their employees, officers, contractors, consultants and associates shall not be liable for and the Entrant hereby indemnifies and holds them harmless against any claim, liability, injury, cost (including legal fees), expense or penalty suffered or incurred by any person as a result of entering and participating in the Awards or accepting or using any prize.

    The Company and all persons and entities associated with the Awards shall not be responsible to the Entrant for incorrect or inaccurate entry of information, human error, technical malfunction or if any Entry is submitted or received late, damaged, stolen, lost, incorrect, directed, undelivered, delayed or incomplete or does not reach the Company.


  1. Please note that the full Terms and Conditions of entry must be accepted by each entrant, during the online entry process. It is not possible to submit an entry without accepting the Terms and Conditions of entry.
  2. The above listed rules do not include the full Terms and Conditions of entry, which can be viewed HERE.


Updated 26 January 2017