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TYPE D – Entry elements from all other main categories – Type A & Type C – can be re- entered here.

An opportunity to delight! The Service Design category recognises brands that show innovation in the way in which they engage with their customers.

Why Service Design?
Service Design focuses on the relationship between a brand and its customers, and the interactions that shape it. Leading brands are making meaningful connections and building loyalty by shaping experiences that add value, while creating positive interactions that connect with customers at an emotional level. Service Design considers the products and services environment, and how Brand actions impact, enhance or improve key moments in a customer’s life and their ongoing experience with a brand.

Simply put:
The purpose of Service Design is to enable and realise customer engagement strategies in creating experiences that are useful, usable, effective, efficient, desirable and differentiated – thereby creating value for both customer and the brand on an ongoing basis.

Service Design identifies unique customer service needs through methodical enquiry and actively creates experiences that satisfy those needs. This includes every touch point in the customer experience that can be vital to achieving sales, engaging new customers and building loyalty with existing customers.

Service Design recognises creative, innovative and compelling new ways to engage with customers, through all channels. Innovation may exist in re-imagining the customer experience; appropriate and contextual use of new technologies to enable experiences; engaging customer programmes and loyalty schemes; or the creation of entirely new experiences. The unifying factor is that it is always based on an informed understanding of the customer and their ongoing relationships with the brand – their needs, touch points, and the opportunities for a positive experience.

Entries must show innovation and the ability to successfully defend, differentiate or disrupt a service experience. For example, a service design solution can be in any of the following channels or customer touch points:

1. In-store and retail experience, including front-line positions and service centres

2. Online and mobile experience related to products and services

3. Loyalty schemes and Customer Relationship Management programmes

4. Telephone engagement and the call centre experience

5. Mixed-media experiences including any of the above channels

ho can enter?
Entries can be submitted directly by any company or their representative agency.


  1. Service Design entries must be active during the period of 1 June 2016 to 31 May 2017. The implementation may have started prior to this date, but the programme must be running during at least a portion of this eligibility period.
  2. Entries can be re-submitted each year as long as the programme remains active. Previous winners may be considered every year for an award as long as the programme remains at the same high standard.
  3. This is not for advertising campaigns, and once-off activations. Please check “what can be entered” above.

Entrants for the Service Design category must complete the questionnaire AS WELL AS provide an overview of the entire programme in electronic format.  Please check the “Preparation Guidelines” for more information.

Please ensure that you provide comprehensive information on the background of your entry. If possible and where necessary, provide a walkthrough explaining all aspects of your entry, including the strategy, innovative ideas, target audience and provide any results you have. Overview videos must be limited to 2 minutes. If it is felt necessary, the full-length work may accompany the 2-minute entry, check the “Preparation Guidelines” for more information.

Entries must clearly and systematically unpack the unique and innovative service solution meant to enable the customer experience, showing the process from initial research enquiry, insights derived, selected approach and eventual solution. Entries should detail how the brand has been innovative in meeting the customer’s needs and touch points, and how it aims to exceed expectations in creating delightful experience moments. Entries should elaborate on the benefits for both the customer and business to ensure customer loyalty and brand sustainability.

A single panel of specialists will judge the entries. Judging of the Service Design category will follow the same principles as all other categories of the Loeries:

  • Innovation – it is important that the entry demonstrates innovation in the programme. It is not good enough to implement something that has been tried and tested, even if in another market or country. Previous entries and winners can be re-entered each year.
  • Quality of execution – How well the elements have been implemented will be evaluated. Could it have been done better? Could more have been done?
  • Relevance to brand, target audience, and chosen medium – Who are the beneficiaries and what is the brand association of the programme? This includes an evaluation of the social or environmental impact.


Service Design




This category is not for advertising campaigns. Please review the eligibility criteria carefully.

Additional information must be submitted with every entry in the Service Design category. Please download this form here.






No physical entries will be allowed for this category. You can submit a video and/or a jpeg presentation.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT REPLACEMENT MATERIAL, so please make sure that the version you have uploaded is the correct and final material.

As all work is judged anonymously, you must ensure that no reference to your agency is included on the entry.

Additional information must be submitted with every entry in the Service Design category. Please download the form here and check the category information for full criteria.


  • High resolution (300dpi) jpegs ONLY.
  • Minimum width must be 2400 pixels.
  • Maximum file size is 10MB per image.
  • The presentation images will be a summary of your entry and will be used for judging, as well as on screen at the awards ceremony, should your work win.
  • If there is text included on your images, please make sure that it is readable when presented to an audience of approximately 15 people. The image will be projected and viewed at a distance of at least 3 to 5 meters.
  • For work with small detail and/or logos that need to be seen by the jury, submit close up images.
  • Keep the text to a minimum as judges won’t be able to read long paragraphs of text on the screen. Use the ‘description’ section on the entry form for additional information about the entry.

HOW TO SEND YOUR JPEG FILES AND PDF ENTRY FORM – UPLOAD VIA OUR ONLINE ENTRY SYSTEM. You can upload your files directly to your media library via the online entry process. You have the option of uploading your files while completing your entry form, or you can choose to upload them at a later stage. Just login to your account to create an entry or manage your media.

b. IF USING VIDEO, you can provide footage of the entry itself, as well as supporting information about your work. Please follow the TV, Film & Video preparation guidelines. Overview videos must be limited to 2 minutes. If it is felt necessary, the full-length work may accompany the 2-minute overview.

We recommend that a 30 second edit is also provided for the awards ceremony.

Hints and Tips


TIP No 1: The judges are looking at hundreds of entries - where necessary, provide additional information to help them to understand your entry in terms of our judging criteria: Innovation, Quality of execution, relevance to the Brand, Target Audience and Chosen Medium.

TIP No 2: View the Preparation tab for full entry formats and guidelines.

TIP No 3: Remember no boards or physical material will be accepted for Service Design. You must submit a video and/or a Jpeg presentation.

TIP NO 4: If you are using Jpegs to present your entry, make sure the work is clearly visible as judes will view this on plasma TV screens. Long paragraphs of text is not advisable. Use the description box on the entry form for all information regarding the entry.

TIP No 5: No more than 10 jpegs will be accepted.

TIP No 6: Remember to complete the questionnaire and upload it with your entry.

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