NEW: Digital media can also be entered in the following categories: Media Innovation; TV, Film & Video; and Design for Digital.

Includes all computer, online, mobile (phones and tablets) and special digital interfaces.

Check the ‘Preparation Guidelines’ on how to enter your work.

Please ensure that you provide as much information on the background of your entry. If possible and where necessary, provide a walkthrough explaining all aspects of your entry, including the strategy, innovative ideas, target audience and provide any results you have.

Overview videos must be limited to 2 minutes. If it is felt necessary, the full-length work may accompany the 2-minute entry, check the “Preparation Guidelines” for more information.

When essentially the same work is being entered into more than one category, it is vital that the entry is described appropriately for each category. Ensure that your entry description is appropriate for the category. When supplying an Overview Video, it is highly recommended that the presentation is tailored/adapted to highlight the elements most relevant to the chosen category. If the judges cannot readily discern which elements are to be considered for the relevant category it will count against your entry.

TYPE A – A piece of work can only be entered in one Type A category. Individual media elements from a campaign may be entered in their relevant Type A categories.

EXAMPLE: A Social Media platform can be entered in IN1E but may not be re-entered in IN2B if

it’s essentially the same entry. In comparison, 3x Banner Ads for a campaign can each be entered in IN1A as individual entries; and the Microsite for the same campaign can be entered in IN1D.

TYPE B – Multiple Type A entries for the same campaign can be combined to make up one Type B Campaign entry.

TYPE C – Entries from Type A and Type B can be re-entered in all the relevant Craft categories.

Note: All Type A and Type C entries are single elements. For example, banner ads must be entered individually, not several as one entry. If in the opinion of the jury, several pieces constitute a campaign, then these entries will be combined into one campaign award.

NOTE: ALL non-English work must come with sub-titles & translations. 





NOTE: Branded Content is not a separate sub-category in Digital. Branded content can be entered in any of the sub-categories below, depending on the medium used. A branded content campaign can be entered in the Digital integrated Campaign category as well as the Integrated Campaign category.



Display Advertising



Paid-for media space on a third-party platform, including Banner ads, interstitial pages, pop-up windows. Each banner ad in a campaign must be entered individually. INTERNET VIDEO COMMERCIALS (e.g. YouTube paid for advertising) MUST BE ENTERED UNDER TV, FILM & VIDEO.



Website or Microsite



A website is defined as a long-term platform that is the main online representation of a brand for an on-going period, e.g.
A microsite is defined as a short-term site created for a specific product or sub-brand experience, e.g. Glade Festival 2014.



Social Media



Includes the creation of social platforms, the use of existing social platforms, and user-generated content.

Stand-alone Online Video is NOT included here – this should be entered under TV, Film & Video.



Digital Applications, Games & Interactive Tools



Brand relevant applications, including: active desktop screens, branded technology, corporate presentations, downloadable desktop widgets, games created specifically for a brand, installations, intelligent applications connected to the Internet, kiosks, and touch tables.

Please also check “Mobile Applications & Sites” for your entry.



Mobile Media



Mobile applications, mobile sites, branded games created specifically for smart phones and/or tablets.



Data-Driven Campaign



Creative use of data to shape campaign strategy, inform execution, profile audiences, and adapt to campaign performance and engagement metrics. A good current example is The Next Rembrandt, where data modeling and algorithms were used to create a believable painting precisely in the style of the great Dutch Master.

TYPE B Campaign Entries may be made up from multiple Type A entries.



Digital Integrated Campaign



Must be a digitally led campaign including a minimum of three different digital elements, e.g. microsite, social media, application.

TYPE B Campaign Entries may be made up from multiple Type A entries.



Digital Crafts



Entries from Type A and Type B may be re-entered in all relevant Craft categories.

The jury will evaluate Craft entries according to how well the entry excels in the particular craft. The craft will be considered in the overall context of the entry, i.e. the craft must be integral to and supportive of the objective and concept of the entry, and should not be superfluous or disconnected, i.e. the craft must add value to the entry.

All Craft entries must be entered as single pieces. For example, banner ads must be entered individually, not several as one entry. If in the opinion of the jury, several pieces constitute a campaign, then these entries will be combined into one campaign award.



User Experience Design



User experience design and information architecture. The user experience via the interface. Excellence in user experience design (UX). Entrants should explain the UX thinking and convince the jury how the thinking led to user delight.






Writing specifically for digital media



Use of Technology



Innovation in the use of technology for all digital platforms. The technology must add value to the overall experience and brand offering.



Music and Sound Design



Innovative use of audio for digital media.




No physical entries will be allowed for this category. You can submit a video and/or a jpeg presentation.

 From 2017, no live media can be entered, including URLs. Websites, YouTube content and similar must be entered as either video walk-throughs or static jpegs. No Landing Pages will be accepted.

 WE WILL NOT ACCEPT REPLACEMENT MATERIAL, so please make sure that the version you have uploaded is the correct and final material.

As all work is judged anonymously, you must ensure that no reference to your agency is included on the entry.


  • High resolution (300dpi) jpegs ONLY.
  • Minimum width must be 2400 pixels.
  • Maximum file size is 10MB per image.
  • The presentation images will be a summary of your entry and will be used for judging, as well as on screen at the awards ceremony, should your work win.
  • If there is text included on your images, please make sure that it is readable when presented to an audience of approximately 15 people. The image will be projected and viewed at a distance of at least 3 to 5 meters.
  • For work with small detail and/or logos that need to be seen by the jury, submit close up images.
  • Keep the text to a minimum as judges won’t be able to read long paragraphs of text on the screen. Use the ‘description’ section on the entry form for additional information about the entry.

You can upload your files directly to your media library via the online entry process. You have the option of uploading your files while completing your entry form, or you can choose to upload them at a later stage. Just login to your account to create an entry or manage your media.

b. IF USING VIDEO, you can provide footage of the entry itself, as well as supporting information about your work. Please follow the TV, Film & Video preparation guidelines. Overview videos must be limited to 2 minutes. If it is felt necessary, the full-length work may accompany the 2-minute overview.

We recommend that a 30 second edit is also provided for the awards ceremony.


Hints and Tips


TIP 1: The judges are looking at hundreds of entries - where necessary, provide additional information to help them to understand your entry in terms of our judging criteria: Innovation, Quality of execution, relevance to the Brand, Target Audience and Chosen Medium.

TIP 2: View the Preparation tab for full entry formats and guidelines.

TIP 3: No more than 10 jpegs will be accepted.

TIP 4: Upload overview videos. No landing pages or any other form of URLs will be accepted.

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